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Zoe Davies can be heard in BBC Podcast Mattan

Zoe Davies has voiced several characters in new BBC Podcast Mattan directed by John Norton and presented by Danielle Fahiya.

Mahmood Mattan, a Somali seaman, was hanged for a crime he did not commit. Lily Volpert was murdered in the shop she ran in Cardiff's Tiger Bay on 6th March 1952 which led to a flawed police investigation and prejudiced trial that ultimately led to Mahmood being hanged for a crime he was not responsible for.

After 46 years Mahmood's innocence was proved in a court of law. The impact of Mahmood's execution and Lily's murder are still being felt by their families.

Throughout the podcast listeners will hear exclusively from those who have never spoken publicly before about the events including eye witness accounts.

The first episode airs on 9th September and can be listened to here.


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