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Maggie Wignall performing at Morecambe Winter Gardens

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Maggie will be performing in The Lost Voices of Morecambe Winter Gardens, an award winning play by Alison Armstrong, celebrating theatrical heritage and the fabulous Morecambe Winter Gardens. The play will be produced by The West End Players (Matt Panesh) and performed at the theatre.

Maggie has been cast as one of the narrators and Bloody Nora.

This piece is a lyrical play on words and names of the fictionalised voices of Morecambe's ghosts and their bickering memories in a celebration of its history, incorporating real voices and events of the coastal town of Morecambe. Using soundscape, images and short film clips from Morecambe and Morecambe Winter Gardens this will be a fully immersive experience.

The performance will run 12th-14th August.


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