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James Ashton in Money Heist

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

James Ashton has been cast in Bearded Kitten's Immersive Production Money Heist, opening in London this Autumn!

Money Heist is an immersive experience based on the popular Netflix show and running in five different cities around the world from 2021 - 2022. The five cities are:

  • Paris (from July to September 2021)

  • London (from November to December 2021)

  • Miami, Florida (from October to November 2021)

  • Mexico City (from November to December 2021)

  • New York City (from December to February 2022)

It’s also expected to touch down in Milan, Lisboa, Los Angeles, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Berlin, and Rome.

The 60 minute adventure experience will have you carrying out a heist in order 'to get the gold', living out scenes inspired by the hit series. With astounding visual effects and unexpected plot twists no two experiences will be alike, interactions with each of the characters will determine your fate in this choose-your-own adventure.

James will be playing Shanghai, The Captain, for the London run. Shanghai is a dangerous, well-kept, mastermind and thief.

Watch the teaser here.


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