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Helen Randall filming What We Leave Behind

This week Helen has been busy filming “What We Leave Behind” in Wales.

A film about love, loss, failure and how to accept them as integral parts of life.

What We Leave Behind follows Emma, played by Helen, who is trapped in her own incomplete grief. In order to move on from the death of her best friend Olivia, she is forced to face and reflect on the many failures and losses in her past life.

After years of not facing her problems, Emma ended up losing something even bigger, herself. Emma wakes up from yet another blurry night in a room full of people when she realises she can no longer hide from her past. We follow Emma on this journey through the dark night. She starts a road trip to reconnect with her childhood friend Olivia.

Director Julia, and her sister Rachel Spencer who wrote the script, planned to film last year before the pandemic. They wrote the film about the experiences and struggles many face in their twenties.

The film is funded by the Arts Council Wales

Keep up to date with Director Julia and the film here.

Photography by Jack Bird.


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