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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Winner of Best Film Made in Wales at CBFF Film Festival 2020

Winner of Critic's Choice award at Cardiff International Film Festival 2019.

Synopsis: A young autistic boy with a passion for Western films stands his ground when a showdown for his village takes place in the local corner shop.

David Constant plays Clay, the father of Erin Jennings. Clay doesn't approve of his son's obsession with Western Films at first but soon comes round. This is a lovely film created in Wales by Fine Rolling Media.

Despite a shoestring budget, Showdown was accepted into film festivals around the world and took home the ‘Critics’ Choice Award’ from Cardiff International Film Festival and the ‘Best Film Made in Wales’ award from Camarthen Bay Film Festival.

Produced by Fine Rolling Media. Read More here.

Showdown is now on Youtube, so if you haven't watched it give it a watch here.

Showdown also screened at Cardiff’s Film and Food festival 2021 in Bute Park.

"One of the highlights of the selection included SHOWDOWN a modern Welsh spin on the Western film genre, written by Lewis Carter and directed by Fine Rolling Media's Kristian Kane and Lewis Carter. The sensitive yet rather eccentric film centres around a family coming to terms with their son’s autism."

WalesOnline's write up of the event Cardiff Film & Food Fest.


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