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Andrew Houghton taking 'Naughty' to Camden Fringe!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This year Andrew Houghton is taking his show Naughty to the Camden Fringe!

Andrew is a Yorkshire-born actor who completed his MA at Guildford School of Acting in 2020, and is now based in London. He has a passion for queer narratives and, since graduating, has begun writing his own work.

Naughty is a semi-autobiographical, darkly comic, coming of age tale exploring the challenges of growing up queer.

In the emotional wake of his first break-up, Andrew is messaged by a former friend. This contact triggers a series of flashbacks unpacking his sexual awakening, early relationship struggles, and fragile sense of identity; as he seeks guidance from Kevin, a teacher at his drama academy.

This one-person production uses multi-roling, voice recordings and projection of text conversations between teacher and student to document the seemingly innocent development of an intense relationship, the dark conversation turns and the inevitable power play at hand.

Naughty aims to engage audiences in a discussion about the support systems available to queer youth and the steps we must take to effect real change.

Get your tickets here.


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