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Aaron May in Painting by Numbers

Painting By Numbers is a comedy theatre show about what it means to be an artist - and the struggle to be taken seriously.

Three incompetent painters - Isaac, Piotr and Damien - challenge each other to create a masterpiece, with the winner having their method of painting declared the best. But soon, cracks start to show, and paint begins to spill. In their efforts to win (through ANY means necessary), they will tear their work, the stage, and each other apart... with disastrous (and hilarious) consequences.

Prepare yourself for exhilarating paint fights, riotous dance routines and unforgettable high stakes LIVE painting!

“Fast paced, frantic... and outrageously funny.” ★★★★★ TheatreLab

For tickets and more info on Dumb Found Theatre click here.


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