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Huw Ferguson working with Lighthouse Theatre

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

This week Huw has been working with Lighthouse Theatre Company and Pontardawe Arts Centre’s co-production of a new site-specific play called ‘Those Were The Days, My Friend’, directed by Adrian Metcalfe.

The show is a series of vignettes set around places of historical and cultural importance in the valley of Cwmtawe, in the Swansea valley, following a local postman on his final journey to deliver letters to residents of the valley from past and present.

Huw plays multiple roles from a potter in 1862, a young man receiving his conscription papers in 1916 and a rugby player in 2000.

Lighthouse Theatre are a touring company producing classic and contemporary theatre for new and established audiences. The spaces they visit reflect their commitment to engaging with people beyond a mainstream audience. They have a reputation for high quality theatre and tour theatres, pubs, immersive spaces and cycle paths!


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